The NAET® Allergen kits are re-organized. The NAET® office has posted the items from the "17 NAET® Test kits" below. Most of you have our samples in your possession from previous kits. We have added a few extra samples too. The arrangement in the new kits is slightly different from the previous ones for better understanding. If you already have these samples, please try to arrange them according to these lists. Then if you find you are short of certain samples, you can order the individual samples from the NAET® office or buy the whole kit as you desire. If you already have samples, you can contnue to use them. Usually the energy in the samples last five years or so, after which you might find the strength going down. This also depends how much you use them. If you don't use them much, they will last longer. If certain vials are used more you may find the need to replace them more frequently. That is our experience in our office.